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1. My phone now accepts Unfucking as a word. Success.
2. My cat wheezes a lot when I pet him cause he wants to purr.
3. I need to paint
And so on and so on.

Right before the New year, I decided that I was going to Unfuck the house. It was in an effort to make this house feel like a house again, and to help my mom who is currently battling several illnesses that keep her stuck in bed most of the day. i started with the attic, because that’s where I live, and much of my stuff was downstairs. If I clean the upstairs then I end up cleaning the downstairs, and the stuff will have a home all ready for it.

For two days I did a bunch of 45/15’s. When garbage day came I had over 30 bags of garbage to go out, and my neighbor across the street was nice enough to let me put some of the bags on their side, since they only had about 2 trashcans. Man was it rewarding to see all that crap out of the house. Going through stuff if I didn’t see me (or my mom) using it in the next 2 months, or if we hadn’t used it in a year, it got tossed. If the clothes were still in good shape that got thrown into a bag and are all going to go to Goodwill.

Here is the sitting room, leading into the bedroom. I had been keeping the garbage bags up there because I couldn’t be bothered before at taking them all down the stairs. I had a tiny path to my room. This had to change.


That little doorway leads to a small bathroom. I have to keep going up and down the stairs to use the bathroom, which lead to me not wanting to leave my room often at all.

My cat couldn’t be bothered to move.

There was a dressed hidden under all the bags and boxes. I am now going to use it to put towels and stuff that doesn’t need to be on a hanger. This’ll make it so much easier when taking a shower, (when I get a shower head for the shower).

And here is the room now. Getting close to done, and I’m moving my bed out to turn the larger room into an office/entertainment room. I’ve kept the purple cushion for the cats, in hopes that they will sleep Under my bed, instead of on Top of my bed. It will also act as a deterrent to shoving things under my bed and just starting a new mess.

The room isn’t done, not by a long shot, but when I look at the first picture I can see that I’ve actually done something, and that makes me feel so proud of myself. I’m going to wash the walls before I put my bed in, and then I’m going to grab my paints and start painting some murals. I’ll make the crappy paint job done over a decade ago work to my will. I’m going to bring the mini carpet scrubber upstairs after I vacuum, then I can start cleaning my current bedroom to prepare it, and move the mattresses out. My bed needs to be flipped and with the bedframe waiting for me, I have the motivation to do it!

I never realized that you could feel good after you start cleaning because you’re seeing just how good your house can look. And there’s room to move around and you’re not stepping over stuff. The cats won’t be able to knock anything down anymore and you can actually make your room awesome!

My friends have been an invaluable source of encouragement!! They keep me going and love seeing picture updates. Especially Miss Sparkles. I probably would have quit a long time ago if it wasn’t for her, and the 45/15’s.

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